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You can do better for your dog!

Dogs were meant to eat meat.  Not soybean meal, not corn, not things you cannot pronounce and have no clue what it is.   Does your dog food  meat up to our standards?  Check out the links below for more informed information about dog kibble and home made diets.  

Click here to see photos of our method of making the raw diet that we feed.

Video on making home cooked dog diet.

Foods that can be added to good kibble.

Great dog food site,  rates all the brands .  You can sign up for dog food recall info to be sent to you.

Dr. Becker on the use of coconut oil.

Up to date info on pet food you buy.

PDF on "How to grade your dog kibble."

Video on best to worst kibble.

click here to download information on overweight dogs.

coprophagia (poop eating)