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SVF Brother Bo  1989 - 2007 
SVF Bo is the dog that led  Maureen and Lee down the path to building The Dog Works.
Bo was the first Jack in the U.S. to earn the top level Utility Title in Obedience.
He will always be Maureen's once in a lifetime dog.   Maureen will always have a Jack by her side.  Maureen considers Bo to be the dog that taught her the most about behavior shaping. Bo lived with Maureen for 15 or his 18 years. He was adopted when he was 3.

SVF Possumbiltees  is a true testament to the value of a raw diet. She was released to the bridge July 2016 at the age of 20. 

Weasel was adopted in 2009 through JRTCA rescue.    Weasel is our official house greeter.

Jack Russels have been a big part of our lives.  Is a Russel right for you?  click here to find out.
Brother Bo winning JRTCA National Obedience
SVF Poison Ivy 1992 - 2007
SVF Poison Ivy earned Obedience Dog World Awards, placed in the USDAA Agility Grand Prix National Finals, was fifth 3 years in a row in the AKC Agility National Finals, and earned an Agility Dog Championship. Ivy lived at Summit View Farm for 15 years.
A tribute to Hemp, the founding Border Collie
Border Collies Need A Job.   Like Jack Russells, they are not an easy dog,  definitely not a first time dog.  click here to view video about the Border Collie Breed.
SVF Bar Hopper "Toad" 1994 - 2008
SVF Bar Hopper was Maureen's 25th wedding anniversary gift from Lee. "Toad" and Maureen finished third in the American Kennel Clubs 2000 National International Class. Toad, like Ivy, was an Agility Dog Champion both in USDAA and AKC agility. Toad was seen many times on Animal Planet. He had been a USDAA Steeplechase finalist as well as Grand Prix finalist, and was a 30-inch top ten in Jumpers as a youngster. Toad, like Ivy, was loved for 15 years.
SVF Lightning Bug
SVF Lightning Bug is a "rescued" agility Border Collie.   In 2005 Maureen brought out Bug in her first National competition. Bug did an outstanding job winning the 18" team standard and jumpers combination on Friday and took second place in the 16 inch "hybrid" round on Sunday, earning her way into the "Challenger's Round". Many will tell you that this round is the most exciting round in the entire AKC competition! In her retirement, Bug has been rehomed to Eva Olds. 
Our "Working Dogs"
SVF Leap'n Lizard, arrived August 28, 2004. With Lizard, Maureen began  learning the exciting sport of competitive sheep herding. Maureen and Lizard started competing in 2007.  They have won some pro-novice and nursery USBCHA classes and have placed in the USBCHA top Open division. This accomplishment is unusual for new dogs being trained by new herding handlers. Maureen credits their success to Lizard's breeding and the good instruction they have received from top trainers. Lizard qualified and competed in the Nursery class at the Border Collie Handlers National finals 2007 . Lizard was voted by the four judges at the 2007 Bluegrass Classic to be "The Most Promising Young Dog" at the Bluegrass. The Bluegrass Classic competition is one of the longest-running and most prestigious trials in the country. The trial typically draws top handlers from across the USA and Canada, as well as hundreds of local spectators.

SVF Newt  arrived at the farm March 2007.  Newt followed in Lizard's footsteps as he too brought home a special award from the Bluegrass Classic. Newt qualified and ran in the  2009 USBCHA National Nursery Finals  held in Sept. in Oregon.  Newt has been retired and is living the life a border collie should.  He is the help all rolled up into one great dog, tending a herd of sheep owned by a vet in Johnson City TN.
Click here to see photos of Newt's and Lizard's fall '09 western trip.

Hellbender was bought in Gouldbusk, TX, early 2009.  Bender" qualified to compete in the 2010 Nursery Finals and made the finals of  the 2011 Nursery Finals held in Carbondale, CO Sept. 2011.  You can see Bend's photos on the herding page and see her in action at the bottom of this page. Hellbender won the "Best Gather" award at the 2012 Bluegrass Classic. 2015 has been a good year for Bender, placing in the finals of The World Stock Dog Championship of the Calgary Stampede ( you can see Calgary on the herding page)  and the semi finals of the Meeker Championship.  January 2016 has Hellbender in the finals of the National Western Stock Show, Denver, CO.

Hellbender's Meeker semi final 2015 run  click here
World Stockdog Championship, Calgary Canada.  Hellbender and Maureen in the $10,000 finals. 

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Nov. 8, 2011 Hellbender brought us our first  litter of Border Collie puppies.  Maureen in kept  little "Eft".   You can follow the puppies as they grow at this photo site.  Eft, like the great dogs before her, has qualified for the 2013 Nursery finals.  Maureen successfully competed her in the  2014 National Nursery finals held again in Carbondale, CO, Sept. 2014

The tradition continues as Eft brings Maureen's second litter into the world, Aug. 28, 2015.   Maureen is keeping one pup, S.A.L.  You can watch them grow  here.

In July 2016 Eft was mated to the same male dog, Faansie Basson's Don and has brought into the world her last litter.   Maureen is keeping one of these to keep SAL company now that Sungazer has been sold to Faansie Basson.  

Here is  a Sunny video (now called Sam) placing second in the Sept. 2017 Meeker Championship.  For a two year old dog, this is outstanding.   

SVF Zigzag has all the makings of a real winner!  Big sister S.A.L. will be showing her the ropes next summer.  
Maureen has added a male border collie pup in Dec. 2018.   This is Gila Monster   Click here to see the Monster Mash
Sire and Dam Don and Eft, Pups S.A.L., Zigzag & Wyatt, held by David Cadeiu