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Camp Dog Works Digger Newsletter 
June 7,  2017

Important news for classes and kennel!
June 2017 Puppy School

HILLARY : Saturday mornings starting June 24, adult dog 10, pup school 11 AM

MAUREEN: Next session :Tue./Thur. July 13,18,20,25, 27, & Aug. 1. Puppy school at 6:30 and adult dog at 7:30.

New Requirements for the Kennel and Class starting July 1

It is that time of year when canine flu raises its ugly head. Cases found at the recent Perry dog shows as well as confirmed cases in Fla.  Here is an article about cases in Knoxville

In July I am going to be requiring the Nobivac vaccine.    Only this vaccine covers both kinds of flu. Your vet may have to order it. Like many vaccines, you will need two, given two weeks apart the first year for protection. I am not a fan of bombarding our dogs immune systems, but this canine flu is bad and in the beginning, looks a lot like kennel cough. All dogs entering the kennel after June 30 will need proof of vaccine.

Another link to local flu info

Remember to ask and require the vaccine that covers both strains.

I am sorry about the added trouble but we must do all we can to keep dogs safe. I have put this off as long as I could. There is a better vaccine now and the disease is more prevalent. I must stand up and do what is right to protect all our dogs from this serious disease.   If your dog has not had a flu vaccine this year, do you and your pet a favor and ask the vet to order the new vaccine.   It is on back order but should be available by mid June. 

July 1, all dogs (including mine) entering the kennel must be vaccinated with the Nobivac Canine Flu vaccine. No dog can ever enter kennel with any vaccine given within seven days of boarding. If your dog has had a single strain vaccine this year, we will accept that as coverage in 2017, but not 2018.

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In July, Kennel rates are changing just a bit.   Check rate page.
Come swim with us!


Inviting any camper to schedule a 45 minute swim with Maureen at our boat house. Swim at your own risk! Email Maureen to set up a time. Sunday morning before noon is the best time to swim a dog.