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Maureen and Eft, competing Oct. 2016
Maureen has been owned by dogs and horses her whole life.  Learning from knowledgeable  trainers,  attending seminars, camps, and private lessons has led Maureen down a very successful path of caring for and  training dogs of all types and their owners.  She competed in agility, obedience and breed for 20 years. 

Maureen received an outstanding honor given by the Blue Ridge Agility Club Jan. 2013.  The "Maureen Robinson Award of Excellence" is an annual award, winner to have $200 given to his or her charity of choice.


All Robinson dogs have first been beloved pets and members of the Robinson household. Maureens personal dog endeavors now include competing her Border Collies in USBCHA herding events. Click to see Maureen and Bender at the Bluegrass Classic.    You can see photos and learn more about our SVF dogs here.

Maureen grew up in Central Florida, attended college in North Carolina and Virginia, and has lived with her husband, Lee, in Western North Carolina for 48 years. Her son, James, graduated from UNC-Charlotte and her daughter, Maren, from Appalachian State University. Maren died on Feb. 1, 2015 after fighting cervical cancer for 2 years.   Lee is an accomplished tennis player, while Maureen pursues photography as an outside interest. In December 2012 Maureen had a showing at the Flood Fine Art Gallery in Asheville. March 2014 finds Maureen's work chosen to be displayed with 18 other talented artist in the Upstairs ArtSpace, Tryon, NC 

Besides raising quality Border Leicester wool sheep,  Maureen has also trained and judged horses in several disciplines, riding her own to multiple National Championships.   When you leave your pet with us, you are leaving them in experienced, knowledgeable hands.

Go to the  Herding Link above to see  video of Maureen competing in top herding competitions in North America.  

Maureen has been diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis. This affects my speech and not my mind. I know what to say, it just does not come out right. With treatment, most people with MG are symptom free. It might take all summer to get the needed treatment.

She can still do privates! Email or call to set up a private lesson with Maureen. The kennel is not bothered by this new illness. If anything it keeps Maureen off the road and in the kennel. Maureen and Lee can always count on farm help of Peggy and Shorty Newton should we need extra help.

Camp Dog Works and Dog Works Training Center are located on Lee and Maureen Robinson's  Summit View Farm,   357 Smyre Place Lane, Zirconia, NC 28790.  (828) 697- 2604  Maureen's email    Lee's email
Lee in the kennel with a "bottle lamb."