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Herding at Summit View Farm
You can find out  about our herding success by reading about our "Working Dogs"
Maureen & Hellbender doing a shed in the Meeker 2015 semi finals
Click here to hear and see Maureen talk about her new herding classes. 
Maureen had built a safe and secure round pen to start dogs in the sport of herding.   She will now work with qualified dogs and owners on a limited basis.   Come out and see if your dog has any herding instincts.  Anyone wanting to see if your dog has what it takes,  fill this out, and email Maureen to set something up (attach PDF).   We would like to put together several small groups  to work together. 
Maureen's breeding program is doing exactly what the American Border Collie Association wants.   Producing good working dogs.    Click here to see "Sam" (Sunny) placing in the Meeker Championship Finals in Sept. 2017. 
Maureen and Eft place in the famous Zamora Stock Dog Trial, Zamora, CA March 2016