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Private Lessons
Maureen teaches one on one, private lessons for puppies, adult dogs and herding  hopefuls.  She often does a private for someone bringing home a new pup, wanting to step off on the right foot, preventing bad habits from starting.  Puppy owners will  gain valuable knowledge on successful housebreaking methods, information on integrating a new dog into a group, tips on dealing with puppy behaviors like barking and biting, as well as diet and health information .   

Should you want to join a group class with a reactive dog, you will need to do a private first to evaluate the appropriateness of the class for your pet. Gentle Leader head collars are often recommended.   Private lessons often take place in the comfort of Maureen's large kitchen.   Rarely will Maureen travel to your place to give a lesson, but she has been known to do so in special cases.  

Private lessons given on the farm are $75 per lesson, ranging from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. 

Stock dog work rates depend on how long the lesson last.   First lessons are often very short and cost less. 
Gentle Leaders are the one tool that Maureen prefers to use on many dogs embarking on a training program.  They are an optional training tool for most campers, but a requirement for some reactionary dogs.  We carry Gentle Leaders and want to help you fit it on your dog.   Proper fit and use will go a long way into making your pup the dog of your life.  
Hellbender in Teddy Rosevelt National Park