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Pet Obedience 6 months and up.

Janurary 2019 Pet Class, All Smiles!
Pet Obedience is offered for dogs 5 months and older. We offer group and/or private classes on all levels inside our 4,000 sq. ft. training building and outside on our fenced training field. The school emphasizes dealing with everyday obedience problems the dog owner may face. We are positive reinforcement trainers, (for both the dog as well as the owners) !  It is fun to train at Dog Works!    Six lessons, $100. Two dog discount coming from the same household is 15% off second dog.  Adopted dog from a shelter where owner pays an adoption fee is also 15% discount of class fee.  Only one discount can be used on a dog.   Scroll all the way down this page to read all class information
All 6 lesson courses are $100.

Next classes :
March Classes:  14,19, 21, 26, 28 & 2. Tuesday/ Thursday classes.   Trick class (advanced obedience) 1 pm, Pup class 2 pm, Level 1 pet class 6 pm, Pup class 7 pm     Email Maureen or call  to set up a  private lesson time.

A June session will be offered on June 6, 11, 13, 18, 20, & 25.

Puppy classes, for dogs 5 months and younger, will be offered at 2 PM as well as 7 PM on a Tuesday/Thursday schedule. The Pup class focuses on socialization and conquering puppy problems such as housebreaking, mouthing, and a good start to reliable recalls.   

 Level one pet obedience for dogs 5 months and up will be offered 6 PM. The focus is good stays, recalls and leash walking.  

 I am offering a fun class for dogs that have started obedience: Trick class at 1 PM.  The focus is on shaping behaviors with clickers. You can use a verbal marker in place of the clicker if you want.  You can pick a trick to train and I will also assign simple actions to shape to improve your behavior modification skills. Doing this kind of training in a group helps gain control of your pet in distracting situations, making you more important to your pet than the dog next to you, as well as the farm distractions of sheep, lambs, ponies, and chickens.

Pet Obedience is for dogs 5 months and older; 6 lessons for $100. 

Course Focus

  • Mastering a controlled down-stay (which is a valuable tool to prevent undesirable behaviors.
  • Sit, Down, Leash-Walking, and Come.
  • Clicker training is an option in this class. One minute video on How to use Clicker.
  • We are positive motivational trainers. All methods are reward based.
  • A variety of dog owner topics are covered at the beginning of each class.
  • Gentle leader training collars are discussed during orientation.
  • Refunds granted up to the start of the second class.

What should I bring?

  • A chair
  • Several kinds of soft food treats.  (cheese, low fat hot dog slices, frozen biljac), NOT PUPERONIES, MILK BONES, KIBBLE)
  • Water bowl
  • 4-6 foot leash, flat buckle collar
  • Walking shoes that work in sand.  Some classes will be taught outside on fenced field during good weather.
  • Bring sun and/or bug spray if you need it in the summer.
  • Dog Works is closed when Henderson County Public Schools are closed due to bad weather.

How do I sign up for a class?

Click here to download the printed class application.