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General info about our classes.   Be sure to check out the drop down menu for complete information.
All 6 lesson courses are $100.
Maureen's Next session: 
  Email Maureen or call  to set up a  private lesson time.

Sadly I can only do private lessons until a speech problem fixed.  Talking for a long time in front of a group is not possible right now. I do feel like it is possible and I look forward to doing private lessons.  I will post when the neurological issue is under control and group classes can be offered again.  

Privates are $75 for an hour one on one lesson.  Private days and times can be arranged preferably by email, or calling 828 329 6084.

A June session will be offered on June 6, 11, 13, 18, 20, & 25.

Our Puppy classes are designed for pups ages 2-5 months old. Topics covered are housebreaking, controlled holds, mouthing, crate training, clicker conditioning, sit, down, and walk on a leash. Go directly to our Puppy page to find out more.

Our Obedience classes are designed for all dogs ages 5 months and up. This class focuses on everyday problems that many owners face with their pets. Specific behaviors such as sit, down, stay, come, are covered in a positive teaching environment. Teaching your dog how to walk nicely on a leash and the benefits of clicker behavior are also discussed. Go directly to our Obedience page to find out more.

Our Advanced Training Class is a great way to continue your training once you have completed an Obedience class at DogWorks.  This class is designed to build enthusiasm, focus, motivation in your dog, and sharpen your training skills (reward timing, criteria selection, proofing, etc.) Go directly to the Advanced Training Class page on our website to find out more.

April 2018
We have been highly successful offering "Gentle Leader" training for those dogs that need anti leash pulling help as well as other problems.  They are not a class requirement unless you have a reactionary dog that needs added control.

Link to "Gentle Leader" video

We also enjoy using clickers as an aid in dog training.  Their use is encouraged but not required.