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2019 Kennel Fees and Discount Rates

 Information about our kennel is accessed by activating  the "BOARDING" link itself. 

This can be easy to miss. 

Holiday rates and requirements are different from regular boarding days. 
We gladly accept local checks and/or cash.  We are not set up for plastic.   

                             The first 10 nights or less are $25 per day.
More than 10 days/nights ....$20 day 10 through 20 days.

After 20 days the rates drop down to $15 per day

Fri, Sat, Sun ( after 10 AM)   three day visit  ....   $75

15 day visit  .........    $350 (billed at 10 $25 days + 5 $20 days)

30 day visit .............    
($250 for first 10 days, +10 days @ $20: $200, 10 days @ $15= $150) = $600

Billing made easy!  Click here to download a pdf that adds up the days. 

Please note that Holiday boarding has different  rates  and requirements.
 We offer many "special services" listed below. 

Holiday Rates:  $35 for the day before, day of, or day after any major holiday, which includes New Year's, Fourth of July, Memorial Day and Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. We require a booking of  three days. No drop offs or pick ups on the holiday. Our kennel fills quickly over the holidays.  Major holidays need to be booked far in advance, and $35 non-refundable deposit check  must be received before we book your holiday stay.  We charge a holiday rate of $35 per day for the day before, day of, and day after any major holiday.  During major holidays all local kennels fill, and, unfortunately, we must turn some clients away. Existing clients will be given preference up until 3 weeks before the holiday. Booking early will ease your holiday anxiety. 

Any pet left in the kennel after 10 AM will be billed for the entire day.  If you check in at 4 PM on the first and check out at 9:30 AM on the second, you owe for one day.   If you check in at 6 PM on the first and check out on the second at 6 PM you owe for two days. 

Do we give multiple dog discounts?    With two or more dogs, we add up the days as if it were one dog, not two. (You will arrive at the cheaper rates on the chart much faster)  Two dogs staying 12 days will be added up as one dog staying 24 days. ($510 vs $580)

Is it cheaper if my two dogs stay together in the same run? 
Sorry, but no.  Two dogs living together actually require more work than two dogs living in two individual runs.  Maureen will never feed two dogs together, and must separate your two pets at meal time.  Often, dogs that get along swell at home, may have problems confined together, thus requiring careful observation.

How about long term boarding?
Our daily rates drop two times during a long stay, working its way down to $15 a day for dogs staying longer than 21 days. Two dogs staying 15 days would now be in the $15 a day rate.

Drop off and Pick up times: To encourage tranquility in the kennel, we limit drop off and pick up times between the hours of 9 - 10 AM and 5 - 6 PM, 7 days a week.  Special Drop off times can be arranged for an added charge of $10. 

Special Needs Dog:  Very young puppies, dogs with major health issues, and geriatric dogs that require special supervision/attention: $30 per day each day of the stay. 

Frequent Flier Cards:  Pick up your card in the kennel and keep it with you.  Each visit ask us to stamp your card at check in.  Refer a new client that books and we will stamp your card twice.  When you reach your 5th visit, we will give you a 25% discount up to a 7 day visit. It is up to you to keep track of your card. Remember to ask Lee to stamp it. Frequent Flyer Discounts cannot be applied to Holidays. You must use the card on the 5th visit. Should that visit be longer than 7 days, your discount will only cover the first 7 days.  
Special Services for your special family member
Maureen and the Pups Santa Fe, NM
20 minute leash walks around the farm with
 short turn out on training field $15

2 miles walks in good weather   $50 
TV and Couch time
in the house at night    $10

Bath: small, medium & large    $15, $25, $40   

Nails clipped  $5 - $20  depending on the cooperation of the pet  

Simple grooming of long coated breeds  $5 - $50 depending on the time spent. Please keep in mind that we are NOT groomers, get your professional grooming done elsewhere.
Special pet portraits
  $30 for  your choice of 1 high res digital jpg files plus 3 additional web size photos.  I will give you 5 or more shots to choose from. 

Photo by Maureen, North Dakota, 2015