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Dog Boarding Kennels in Hendersonville, NC

When your unexpected absence or another necessity requires you to be away from home, bring your dog to a home away from home. Camp Dog Works offers the finest boarding kennels in Hendersonville, NC, where your best friend will be treated with tender loving care. Count on the family atmosphere at Camp Dog Works to look out for your pet in a completely safe, clean, and monitored setting. We’re an affordable option too, that you will want to take advantage of again.


A Place to Call Home

The dog boarding kennels here at Camp Dog Works feature spacious turn-out areas where each dog is allowed to romp and play five times a day. Each dog kennel interior is warm, dry, and offers a sense of security. When you bring a favorite blanket, pillow, or soft toy with your dog, it will serve to remind your furry friend of home and actually become a treasured item that will add a calming, relaxing component to his or her stay. Your dog will meet new friends and look forward to socializing.


Bring Your Dog’s Food

Bring your own kibble in a solid container. Special diets can also be easily accommodated. Also, bring medications, placing pill containers inside your food container. Make sure to include the drug name, times to administer, and required amount on the visitation form.



Your dog will also benefit from in-kennel dog training sessions while staying with us. At Camp Dog Works, we know that each dog is different, with a unique personality and temperament. Our training classes focus on the individual, making great strides, based on the type of animal. Learn more about our in-kennel dog training.